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New Passing Places DVD coming soon…

Passing Places A-Rithist/Revisited will be a feature-length collaborative documentary film project organised in the same way as the original film Passing Places – The Real Outer Hebrides completed in 2001, when over 100 first-time filmmakers & 50 musicians in the Outer Hebrides from Barra to the Butt of Lewis contributed to the production of the film.

The Real Escape film
Example of Taigh Chearsabhagh video work from The Real Escape

Contributors were asked to make short films about their lives and their communities with training and support from the professional production team at Taigh Chearsabhagh. The result was a kaleidoscopic slice of life through the islands, a fascinating, non-stereotypical view of island life with a superb soundtrack produced through workshops led by Fred and Deirdre Morrison.

Now the original filmmakers and many new contributors will be asked what has changed for them and their communities over the last decade. Themes emerging could include – community buy-outs, environmental issues, new technology, transport and outward migration.

The film will be marketed to film and video festivals globally, theatrically screened locally, as well as throughout the Highlands and Islands, nationally and potentially internationally. The project will be accessible online and will aim to reach a mass global audience using social networking media.

It is intended to repeat the project every decade throughout the 21st century creating an ongoing and truly unique archive documenting the cultural landscape of the Outer Hebrides which will be of international importance.