Fèis Tìr an Eòrna Animation

Supporting BRAVE on the Screen Machine tour from 24th August

Three short animated films were created in four days at Fèis Tìr an Eòrna 2012 on the Isle of North Uist.


the hills of south uist eagle still

 The Hills of South Uist

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The tune ‘The Hills of South Uist’ was played by Chloe Steele, the great great granddaughter of the composer of the tune – Joe Steele of South Uist. Chloe learnt to play the tune at the Fèis on her great great grandfather’s pipes tutored by Dòmhnall Bàn MacDòmhnaill.




Sìne Bhàn

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Sìne Bhàn (Fair Jean) is a man’s love song in praise of his sweetheart. He is called away to war but he expresses his hope that he will be spared from death and return to live with her.




Puirt à Beul

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The various puirt (literally ‘mouth music’) humorously tell of various facets of marital and domestic life.



New Animation Workshop August 13/4/15

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