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2 photos of the print press in its new location on a freshly painted floor.

From Unuseable to Unmissable

Episode 3: Much has happened…

An ‘advisory’ meeting


  • Rosie Blake
  • Keith MacIntyre
  • Sheenagh Patience-MacIntyre
  • Simon Hart
  • Nicola Neate
  • John Kippin
  • Fiona Pearson

Black and white photo of four people standing next to the printing press.

Photo of “A” Team: Rosie, Sheenagh, John, Keith

Discussions about material, membership and access have been had.

The floors of the studios have been painted – the spaces are almost ready for customers!

2 photos of the darkroom, one with the light on and one with the light off.

Images copyright: Nicola Neate, 2022