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Photo of Amanda and Carol from the North East Photography Network, with Nicola standing in between.

Meeting and greeting


Part of the development plan for the Print Workshop and Darkroom at Taigh-Chearsabhagh is to connect and be a part of a network with other like-minded organisations. I have been busy networking…

I met up with Matt Sillars from Inverness Darkroom.

He showed me around the amazing facilities – lucky Inverness. We will continue a dialogue that will hopefully lead to workshops and possibly exchanges? He runs a Zoom portfolio session which sounds brilliant and something that Taigh Chearsabhagh members could get involved with.

Photo of Matt from the Inverness Darkroom.

Whilst in Inverness I also visited the Highland Print Studio. John, Alison and Jan gave me the grand tour of this well organised, brilliantly equipped building – if you haven’t seen this place it is a must. Fabulous location as well. We spoke about the innovative ways that Highland Print employed to survive through the COVID period. I will continue a dialogue with Highland Print with a view to finding ways to connect and possibly share some project ideas.

Photo of Jan, Alison and John from the Highland Printroom.

Newcastle and Sunderland

I spent 3 years working as a member at Northern Print In Newcastle, including running a couple of workshops.

This studio, like Highland Print, is well organised, funded, and has good membership attendance. It was lovely to catch up with Anna, Rebecca and Helen. We have agreed to keep in contact.

I spoke with Amanda and Carol from ‘North East Photography Network’ (NEPN) – another organisation who are interested in looking at ways to communicate and exchange ideas for residencies.

Photo of Amanda and Carol from the North East Photography Network, with Nicola standing in between.

The Studio and Darkroom shenanigans have also been announced in the local paper ‘Am Pàipear’.

Photo of the Am Pàipear news article.

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