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Photo of prints on paper hanging up to dry

Episode 5: Print, Play & Explore launch!

I organised a couple of short ‘taster’ classes for the Print and Darkroom studios: these additionally gave the participants a free induction to the Workshop and Darkroom.

Photo of participants during the Darkroom workshop

The opening of the ‘transformed’ Print Workshop and Darkroom on the 23rd of September went very well. The introductory classes were also a trial run – they provided useful information – testing the performance, max workable person capacity per room and allowed me an opportunity to view the studios in action.

Photo of two participants working on the print workshop.

The event was a success, the spaces were functional, and the expected outcomes were met.

Max capacity for Print Workshop members – 3, 4 (with sharing) 

Max capacity for Darkroom members – 2 (no sharing) 4 (sharing enlargers)

Thank you, Rosie Blake for documenting the event

Thank you, John Kippin for taking the Photogram Workshop

Thank you also to all of the attendees for participating in this event! Some lovely ideas were explored. 

These places are for you to use… So, if you think there is something that could be improved – please leave feedback. 

If you really enjoyed your experience – tell other people and let Taigh Chearsabhagh know!

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Future Plans include:

  • Copper etching – hard and soft ground workshop – Max 4 people
  • Zinc etching – hard and soft ground workshop – Max 4 people
  • Black and White Photo workshop – Max 4 people
  • Alternative process Photo workshop – Max 4 people
  • Photo-polymer workshop – Max 4 people

Keep a look out and remember: if you are a member all workshops and sessions are cheaper!

For more information: see the Print & Darkroom webpage

All photos credit Rosie Blake.