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Episode 6: Fine Tuning

The Print Workshop and Darkroom are up and running – waiting for new members and session bookings.

I am fine-tuning all the print processes, for the Darkroom and the Print Workshop – making sure everything is working well!

The new UV unit is small (just under A4) – but very easy to use and the results are good – for both photopolymer printing and cyanotypes.

The tabletop block/lino printing press is also in good working order – again small – A5 size max.

Taigh Chearsabhagh Print Workshop and Darkroom studios are not big rooms, they are set-up for making medium prints – A4 is a good and manageable size for these spaces. I have however cleaned the vertical Ferric Chloride tank in the Print Workshop – so biting larger copper plates is possible, but there are no facilities to make prints from big plates. The Darkroom is also a compact room – so think little, but beautiful when planning to make work here!

For more information on the studios or to book a session, see the Print & Darkroom webpage.