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Series of photographs showing stages in the printing process.

Episode 7: Fine tuning 2

Nontoxic printmaking

Etching Chemistry using acrylic mediums. 

I prepared a copper plate, degreasing it with a salt and vinegar solution mixed with white chalk.

I rolled an acrylic ground that I then baked (to make it a hard ground). I drew on the plate using a metal point and then immersed the plate in a solution of Ferric Chloride 1: 2 with water.

I bit the metal for ½ hour and 1 hour – the results were good.

I did some experimenting with the compressor – which is used to make an acrylic aquatint.

There are some problems with the compressor unit – which will be resolved in time for the teaching modules in January PHEW!


The cupboard room next to the darkroom – I have finally cleared out and painted it. 

Series of 3 photos, with the first showing the empty annex room painted white, and the second and third image showing the desk, chair and work area.

I have put a desk and a chair in this room – which has electrical sockets. This is a small room (all the spaces are small) but it works. It is now a prep room which will have a computer and a small printer in it.

This room is also to double up as the aquatint booth.

I am pleased to have this time to check that everything is working and safe for everyone to use.

Series of images showing stages in the print-making process, with the caption "Printing on copper using Ferric Chloride with acrylic hard ground and aquatint".

Image copyright: Nicola Neate, 2022.