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RSA and ROE residencies for Berneray artist

Taigh Chearsabhagh is pleased to announce the award of a 2024 RSA Residencies for Scotland to Berneray-based artist Meg Rodger to be hosted by Taigh Chearsabhagh and UistFilm.

From May 2024, Rodger will embark on an 18 month Royal Scottish Academy digital residency with UistFilm at Taigh Chearsabhagh. This will result in the production of a short artist’s film exploring: concentric cycles of time: annual, universal and infinite; archaeology; ecology (human/non-human); astronomy and our evolving relationship with space.

Meg Rodger’s new body of work will develop concepts relating to metaphysical cosmology, appreciating humanity’s deep and enduring aspiration to comprehend the universe – bridging the gap between science and philosophical enquiry. 

Rodger’s forthcoming art residency at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh during winter months of 2024/25 will provide access to the latest scientific advances in astronomy relating to topics such as: distant galaxies, dark matter and black holes. She aspires to explore and discuss with ROE astronomers, the philosophical concept of the universe being not just a physical phenomenon but a complex tapestry of empirical, theoretical and transcendent threads. 

Rodger’s personal research will consider the dawn of astronomical science, specifically that from Mesopotamia, now present day Iraq, Syria and Iran. Additionally, she intends to consult Sumerian and Babylonian mathematics and astronomical computations dating back to 3000 BCE. Through this creative practice she aspires to highlight the complex and highly developed early scientific culture originating from this region.

This body of work will consider how exploration of the universe has always been at the forefront of human curiosity, driving us to understand not just the physical realm but also the deeper, more elusive aspects of existence.

Taigh Chearsabhagh intend to host an exhibition of the resultant work in 2026.

RSA Residencies for Scotland is funded by the Royal Scottish Academy W Gordon Smith & Jay Gordonsmith Bequest.


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