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Curatorial Policy

Image Credit: Kirsty O’Connor

Taigh Chearsabhagh’s visual arts programme is curated by our Arts Manager through artists’ commissions, residencies and touring exhibitions. Commissions and residencies are awarded by invitation or by widely advertised open calls for proposals. Artists are also welcome at any time to propose projects for consideration which relate in some significant way to our curatorial policy.

Curatorial Policy

Taigh Chearsabhagh curates, commissions and programmes visual arts which articulate and explore in significant, thought-provoking and artistically satisfying ways elements of the following key themes:

Making Her Mark, Mairéad McClean, 2018
  • Our environment
  • Our Gaelic culture and heritage
  • The other, the unexpected
  • Digital and new technologies
  • Emerging talent

Why do we support work that focuses on our environment?

Creating awareness and fostering care of the outstanding natural environment of the Outer Hebrides are key elements of our role as an ambassador for the islands. Our use of renewable energy helps to develop a more sustainable North Uist. Our environmentally-themed exhibitions and programmes are conceived to engage visitors and promote environmental awareness.

Why do we support work that focuses our Gaelic culture and heritage?

An appreciation of our Gaelic language, culture and heritage is integral to gaining useful insights and understanding about our islands and the people who live and work here. Support of Gaelic through our programming, as well as Taigh Chearsabhagh’s ethos and operations, is a key element of our curatorial policy.

Why do we support work that focuses on the Other, the Unexpected?

We believe that audiences entering our galleries are ready to be challenged with thought-provoking experiences which may at first seem unexpected, daunting or just not art. Interpretation which engages and provides useful, intelligible context is key to the successful presentation of what can be perceived as difficult work.

Why do we support work that focuses on digital and new technologies?

Digital and online technologies present communities on our islands with an invaluable opportunity to break down geographical barriers, the better to create more sustainable working practices and be able to connect more fully with the world beyond our shores. Exhibitions and programmes can help to demystify and encourage meaningful engagement with these powerful tools and processes which continue to transform lives in new and unexpected ways.

Why do we support work that focused on new and emerging talent?

Supporting new and emerging talent in Uist through our exhibitions, programmes and projects is a key element of Taigh Chearsabhagh’s role to help develop a thriving and sustainable local artistic community and creative economy.