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Poetry & Literature

The environment of the Western Isles and its strong Gaelic bardic tradition provide a dynamic and powerful stimulus and context for the poetry and creative writing programme presented at Taigh Chearsabhagh. Regular poetry evenings and a vibrant writers’ group are organised by a small group of dedicated enthusiasts and hosted by Taigh Chearsabhagh. Our Gaelic book club, DUILLEAG is open to new readers with an interest in Gaelic, regardless of reading ability.

Last Thursday Poetry Evenings

These poetry evenings are held during the winter on the last Thursday of the month at 7.30pm.  As well as regularly inviting special guest poets to read and discuss their work, we read and talk about the poems of chosen writers or explore selections of poems with particular themes.

Everyone is welcome to come to these friendly informal evenings. You might like to read out a poem of one month’s theme or just come to enjoy listening to fine work being spoken and talked about. Come and share a regular opportunity to relax with a glass of wine and enjoy fine poetry in good company.

ON THOSE DAYS, a video collaboration with Pauline Prior-Pitt and UistFilm.

Writers’ Group

This is a very informal, very friendly group of people who want to write for many varied and intriguing reasons. Each meeting begins with an exercise which explores some aspect of writing. The group then share and discuss the outputs created. This process is often then used as a starting point for the devising and exploration of new work.

During the second part of each evening, members of the group share elements of whatever project they are working on at the moment, giving them the opportunity to present and test their work with a wider audience who will listen with care and respect.

If you are an aspiring writer, or have ever thought you would like to try your hand, these activities may sound a little daunting, but do not let this put you off joining us. Our group is very friendly and supportive!

A Pauline Prior-Pitt reading for WARWICK WORDS 2020, recorded at Taigh Chearsabhagh by UistFilm:


DUILLEAG is our book club focussing on Gaelic literature, or writing that connects with Gaelic language in some way. We meet every other month to meet with authors and discuss our chosen texts.

To hear about future titles, and receive discount codes for book club titles, sign up to the DUILLEAG mailing list.

DUILLEAG is open to all, including those without Gaelic. The conversations will move between English and Gaelic, and some things may be said without translation either way.