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Print Workshop & Dark Room

Taigh Chearsabhagh offers a Print Workshop/Darkroom publicly accessible facility unique within the Outer Hebrides.

The facilities are environmentally friendly, using the process of acrylic-resist etching on a Rochat press 21” x 40”. The darkroom is equipped for small, medium and large format developing and printing. There are two enlargers, a DeVere 504 and a Durst 670 Colour.

Everyone using the print workshop / darkroom should be an experienced printmaker or photographer or be accompanied by a tutor.

Print Workshop/Darkroom Fees

Regular Users

Full membership for the year for regular use of the print workshop/darkroom is £120. This is inclusive of all session fees and materials such as scrim, newsprint, inks and blotters and photographic chemicals.

Non-regular users

For those not envisaging using the print workshop or darkroom on a regular basis, another option is available. This involves paying a membership fee of £50 (£30 for students). Thereafter a fee of £3 per session must be paid at reception in Taigh Chearsabhagh.


It is also possible to use the print workshop without an annual membership Session fees for non-members are £5 per session and are payable at reception in Taigh Chearsabhagh.


10am – 1.30pm, 1.30pm – 5.00pm, evenings. If you wish to work in the evenings a key can be organised from reception in Taigh Chearsabhagh.

Please pay session fees and sign in and get the required key at the reception desk before you start printing.


All inks, scrim and cleaning materials and photographic chemicals are included in the membership fees.

Printing paper, zinc and copper plate can be purchased through the Taigh Chearsabhagh shop.

Members are able to sell work through the print bin in the shop.


If you wish to contact the Print Workshop/Darkroom please email [email protected] or phone 01870 603970