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Print Workshop & Darkroom

Series of 4 black and white photos of people at work in the Print Workshop and Dark Room.

Taigh Chearsabhagh’s Print Workshop and Darkroom are open-access, non-profit run facilities for practicing artists and photographers. These spaces provide practitioners at all levels of experience with professional places in which to work. 

The Print Workshop is set up for non-toxic practice, using the process of acrylic-resist etching on a Rochat press 21” x 40”. 

The Darkroom is equipped for small, medium and large format developing and printing. There are two enlargers, a DeVere 504 and a Durst 670 Colour.

Nicola Neate is Taigh Chearsabhagh’s Print Workshop and Darkroom Co-Ordinator and Technician. She is available to support users of both facilities, as well as ensure their smooth and safe running and will be able to answer all your queries: nicola@taigh-chearsabhagh.org Nicola has documented our facilities’ refurbishment and re-opening, which you can read about on her blog.

Annual Membership and Session Fees

Includes the use of both the Print Workshop and the Darkroom.

As a member, you also have the opportunity to showcase up to 8 prints or photographs on a gallery page on Taigh Chearsabhagh’s website. Only prints (etching, monotype, lino, cyanotype, collagraph, drypoint, photo-polymer) or BW photographs can be shown on this online workshop gallery. Each workshop member will have a designated section for their work, with a link to any relevant website.

Membership fees

One year’s membership £50.00

One year’s concessionary membership £25.00
(People in receipt of: Income Support; Job Seekers allowance; Pension or Universal Credit; Students; Young people (16-25 years); Disabled people, with free entry for one carer)

For details about how to join and pay for your annual membership, please download the form, below. You can also pick up a paper copy of this form from Taigh Chearsabhagh’s shop.

Induction fees

Introductory inductions are necessary for all first-time users of either facility. They are also available for practitioners who wish to refresh their skills:

Intensive refresher and novice user (one hour session) £40.00 / Concession £20.00

Refresher and less experienced user (one hour session) £30.00 / Concession £15.00

Experienced user (15-30 minutes session) £15.00 / Concession £ 7.00

Experienced user (10-20 minutes session) £10.00 / Concession £5.00

Fees may be paid by money transfer – please contact Sonja Kenter-Rossi, Taigh Chearsabhagh’s Finance Manager, sonja@taigh-chearsabhagh.org, for further details – or in person at our shop.

Beginners’ Introductory Workshops

Our introductory workshops are inspired by the desire to offer accessible, fun and creative Printmaking and Photography classes, whether you are a complete novice or an established artist wanting to learn a new technique.  Nicola’s instruction and support can teach you to confidently use the Print Workshop and/or Darkroom on an ongoing basis to develop your work.

All materials for these courses are provided and included in the fees, which are on a sliding scale depending on the number of participants booked on each course. Visitors can book a date in advance, when suitable (at least 3 days notice preferable). Please email nicola@taigh-chearsabhagh.org to book.

Opening times

Members’ opening times:

Monday – Saturday, 8.00am – 8.00pm

Half-day sessions, 8.00am – 2.00pm / 2.00pm – 8.00pm

Non-members’ opening times:

Morning session: 10am – 1pm

Afternoon session: 1pm – 4pm

Black and white photo of prints hanging from a beam.
Image credit: Rosie Blake

Session Fees & Materials

In addition to annual membership all studio users are required to pay session fees, which contribute towards the running of the Print Workshop and Darkroom. 

All users will be provided with: Black ink; some necessary printmaking and darkroom chemicals; grounds; newsprint; developer; fixer; stop-bath and some necessary cleaning products. 

Other printmaking and darkroom materials – Coloured inks; printing and photographic paper; metal plates and 35mm film – are available to buy (at cost price) from Taigh Chearsabhagh.

Prices for members

Full-day session £10.00

Concession   £5.00

Half-day session £5.00

Concession   £2.50

Session bundles

Bundles can be used as full days or a combination of full and half-days.

20 x half-days sessions £50.00

10 x half-days sessions £30.00

Prices for non-members

Drop-in full day session £20.00 / Concession £10.00

Drop-in half-day session £10.00 / Concession £5.00

Fees may be paid by money transfer – please contact Sonja Kenter-Rossi, Taigh Chearsabhagh’s Finance Manager, sonja@taigh-chearsabhagh.org, for further details – or in person at our shop.


  1. Click on the Print Workshop and Darkroom availability calendars to see if the days on which you would like to work in either facility are available.
  2. Once you have found suitable dates, please contact Nicola to complete the booking process, as well as for details about how to purchase any additional materials you may need: nicola@taigh-chearsabhagh.org 
  3. Usually, you will receive a response from Nicola the same day. As Nicola works only part time sometimes her acknowledgement may arrive the following day, so please be patient. Advance planning is strongly recommended to help facilitate the smooth running of our facilities.
  4. Once you have received a confirmation from Nicola, please pay for your booking slot either online (see the Print Workshop & Darkroom Membership Form for Taigh Chearsabhagh’s bank details), or at Taigh Chearsabhagh’s shop.
Series of 4 black and white photos of a feather and a flower.

To compare our fees with other print workshop charges, we provide the following information:

Soulisquoy Printmakers (Orkney) / £240.00 Annual fee.

Highland Print Studio / £65 Annual fee (Induction £35.00). £11.00/£5.50 Session fees.

Glasgow Print Workshop / £100 Annual fee. £6.00 Session fee.

Edinburgh Print Workshop / £100 Annual fee. £15.50/£12.70/£9.00 Session fees.

Images copyright: Nicola Neate, 2022