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20:20 Print Exchange

General | Published 26 September 2023

These are the 5 prints that have been submitted from the Taigh Chearsabhagh Print Workshop for the high profile 20:20 […]

Episode 15

General | Published 19 September 2023

Feedback from two new members – Fiona: I have been a Print Workshop user in the past 10 years. I […]

Episode 12

General | Published 5 May 2023

As Print Workshop and Darkroom Co-ordinator I have been arranging and running workshops for University of the Highlands and Islands […]

Episode 11

General | Published 13 April 2023

It is so lovely to see that the Print Workshop and Darkroom are now getting regular bookings. The spaces are […]

Episode 10

Blog | Published 15 March 2023

February has been a busy month for the studios. Rosie Blake ran a mono-printing workshop. I introduced her to using […]

Episode 8: November

General | Published 19 January 2023

Keith McIntyre, professional printmaker and painter has booked and been working in the Print Workshop. He came ready with several […]

Episode 7: Fine tuning 2

General | Published 12 December 2022

Nontoxic printmaking Etching Chemistry using acrylic mediums.  I prepared a copper plate, degreasing it with a salt and vinegar solution mixed […]

Episode 6: Fine Tuning

General | Published 4 November 2022

The Print Workshop and Darkroom are up and running – waiting for new members and session bookings. I am fine-tuning […]

Meeting & Greeting

General | Published 23 September 2022

Inverness Part of the development plan for the Print Workshop and Darkroom at Taigh-Chearsabhagh is to connect and be a […]

From Unuseable to Unmissable

General | Published 12 September 2022

Episode 3: Much has happened… An ‘advisory’ meeting Present: Rosie Blake Keith MacIntyre Sheenagh Patience-MacIntyre Simon Hart Nicola Neate John […]

From Unuseable to Unmissable

General | Published 2 September 2022

Episode 2: ‘Pimp that Space’ For all those desperate to get printing and developing photographs – the intensive clean and […]