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A stylised image that is a sunset that is in the colours of blue, pink, purple and orange. The sky is separated from a loch reflecting the same as the sky, from dark brown rocky hills below the center of the image. On the right below center there is a white and red boat afloat on the loch. On the above center of the image there is text having a gradient of colours from pink, purple to blue that reads ‘Adhar | Sky | Ciel’ on the center base there is yellow text that reads ‘Ruairidh Macdonald Iain A Monk’Jean-François Martin

Adhar | Sky | Ciel

What is the Sky? – Talk by Prof. Timothy Ingold – Thursday 4 May


Taisbeanadh de dhealbhan-camara le triùir dhealbhairean às Uibhist, Ruairidh MacDhòmhnaill às Uibhist a Tuath, Iain A Monk à Beinn na Faoghla agus Jean-François Martin às Uibhist a Deas.  Tha iad gu lèir aithnichte airson an cuid dhealbhan den iarmailt Uibhistich. 

An exhibition of photography by three Uist-based photographers Ruairadh Macdonald from North Uist, Iain A Monk from Benbecula and Jean-François Martin from South Uist. All are dedicated photographers of the Hebridean sky and that is the theme of this exhibition.

Jean-François Martin is a Frenchman addicted to the Hebridean life since 1999. Postmaster and crofter, his photography is mainly of landscape, skyscape, seascape and animals. Most of the photos are taken early morning or late evening to capture the natural lights of the Hebrides. Jeff took up photography over 5 years ago and is self taught through practice and internet research. You can find his work on various social networks Twitter @frenchscotjeff, Instagram @jefinuist.

Iain A Monk studied art at Taigh Chearsabhagh with Lews Castle College/UHI and is now working as a creel fisherman. This series of images has accumulated over the course of several years of watching the skies. “The way our atmosphere expresses itself often dictates what we do and when we do it. These are still moments of the earth showing us how peaceful it can be, how water can be still and the sky can be clear.  Facebook: @iamphotography Instagram: @iain__a

Ruairidh Macdonald, from North Uist, is a joiner and works with his father. He took up photography over 10 years ago while on holiday.  

“I’m not sure what I look for in a photo when I take one, as long as it looks good and is sharp and clear then I am pretty chuffed. Uist views tend to be great whatever the conditions, anything more and it’s a bonus, if other people like it then even better!  I try and take photos of views that people maybe don’t see as often without going off the beaten track and the likes of the Aurora Borealis and Milky Way which not many people get to see but the dark skies here are perfect for it.”

All prints are for sale either in the format & size in the exhibition or customers can specify their requirements. Ask at reception for details or email andy@taigh-chearsabhagh.org