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Àite Iargalta | Forbidding Place

Ellis O’Connor is a visual artist from Scotland living on the Outer Hebridean Island of North Uist.

The paintings in this show are in response to Ellis’s first winter spent living on the Island and immersing herself  in the wild often unforgiving elements that the Island is often exposed to.

These works represent the movement and the rhythms of sea and land. tangible moving rocks, the merging of sea with air, advancing rain and mist, ever changing light – elements that seem to be about something intangible. 

Within this body of work, Ellis aims to convey the landscape as more than just idyllic and beautiful. It is wild, ancient and incredibly varied whilst conjuring a dramatic atmosphere where we as humans feel so insignificant against the surroundings and our experience is heightened. Being in nature gives Ellis perspective and it is this feeling of awe that she aims to highlight within these works. By producing these paintings, she hopes to give people a chance to connect with the landscape that is so wild around us, to cultivate respect, deepen understanding and inspire others to make a difference.’