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Multi-coloured painting with white, gold and light blue colours and faintly written words.

all that is remembered and not remembered

Caitir NicAonghuis and Raymond MacDonald 

Inheritance and collaboration are themes Caitir NicAonghuis and Raymond MacDonald have been exploring in their art and psychological practices for many years.   Here, inheritance; given, lost, forgotten, remembered, and re-remembered emerges through collaborations of word, image, sound, and movement.

Meeting at the end of 2022, this exhibition reveals aspects of an exploration of the psychological nature of complicated legacies while simultaneously celebrating the unconscious ambiguities of co-creation and joint authorship. Both bring a familial but broken relationship to Gaelic culture and place as a starting point. Trans-generational history ebbs and flows into consciousness, shaping the work as it unfolds. Navigating relationships through art is familiar to both artists at opposite ends of the private to public spectrum. In collaboration and improvisation Caitir, as art psychotherapist, works with others where intrapsychic depth is enhanced by confidential space, while Raymond as musician and educator works in public contexts. Here, they meet in reciprocal exchange, where giving up of self to co-create new work results simultaneously in a strengthening of each self.

all that is remembered and not remembered is free to view in the Taigh Chearsabhagh Cafe Gallery, Monday-Saturday, 10am-4pm, from 14th August to 2nd September.  The exhibition is presented in conjunction with the Air a’ Chùl Fraoin Art Therapies Conference, in Taigh Chearsabhagh and online on 1st-2nd September.

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