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Tràigh Bheasdaire I painting

Inter – Tidal | Eadar – Thràghadh

Sheenagh Patience

Virtual Cafe Exhibition

“It is a place of constant change and new discoveries. Across the flat space between the high and low tidal zone the sea deposits its gifts to be found and claimed, then takes back what is unwanted. With each new tide comes something new, something previously unseen.

The surface of a painting is also like an inter-tidal zone where repetition, rhythm and form can trigger fresh ideas and meaning, where improvisation and the smallest of variables in composition echo the complexity of nature.

Each day I walk along Tràigh Bheasdaire, the east beach on the Isle of Berneray. It is a place to observe and imagine and sometimes to reconnect with earlier themes. There is a timeless quality to shells recently washed up on Berneray and ancient fossils found on other Hebridean islands.

The everchanging weather and mood of the sea adds to the visual stimuli.”

Sheenagh Patience


All the works are for sale (prices captioned on images below) and can be purchased on an interest-free staged-payment basis if required. Please contact andy@taigh-chearsabhagh.org if interested.

Currently, due to Covid-19 crisis, this cafe exhibition exists only virtually. Hopefully there will be an opportunity to hang the work physically if Taigh Chearsabhagh can reopen before the end of May.

Tràigh Bheasdaire I painting
Tràigh Bheasdaire I
(Oil on Canvas, 92cm x 60cm, £500)
Tràigh Bheasdaire II painting
Tràigh Bheasdaire II
(Oil on Canvas, 80cm x 60cm, £500)


Spiral I painting
Spiral I
(Oil on Canvas, 30cm x 30cm, £225)
Spiral 3 painting
Spiral III
(Oil on Canvas, 30cm x 30cm, £225)
Spiral 2 painting
Spiral II
(Oil on Canvas, 30cm x 30cm, £225)
Fibonacci Study painting
Fibonacci Study
(Mixed media on Canvas,30cm x 30cm, £190)


Razors painting
(Oil on Canvas, 30cm x 30cm, £225)
Bog Cotton 2 painting
Bog Cotton II
(Oil on Canvas, 30cm x 30cm, £225)
Bog Cotton 1 painting
Bog Cotton I
(Oil on Canvas, 30cm x 30cm, £225)