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Text reading Unexpected Gardens. Unexpected is in dark green, Gardens is bright cold yellow. The background is a bold and flat mid-green. Un is double height, expected and gardens are equal height, expected sitting on top.

Dandelion: An Gàrradh

An Gàrradh means more than ‘the garden’. It means hand-built stone walls, lifted from the croft to provide shelter. Taigh Chearsabhagh Museum and Arts Centre’s garden on North Uist will respond to the unique ecology of the island, from stone to wildflowers to shell-filled benches. Taigh Chearsabhagh is interested in plants that grow with the climate of North Uist, that love the salty, sandy soil, the force 12 winds and mild winters. This garden will respond to the history of that land, that has a future there.

An Gàrradh will nourish more than plants; it’s for people too. Nestled behind Trianaid Care Home, the garden space will be fully accessible for residents, staff, and neighbours alike. With wheelchair passing places and plenty of seating, An Gàrradh will be a safe and restorative sanctuary as it connects with the landscape beyond. A place for sensory fulfilment, collaboration, and creativity. Anyone can get involved, to help the garden grow healthy and beautiful. Taigh Chearsabhagh can’t wait to cuir fàilte oirbh, to give you their welcome.

In 2022 we’re growing in luminous cubes.

We’re growing in schools, growing up lamp posts, on islands and in cities. We’re growing to music and seeing if that makes things grow faster. We’re sharing what we grow, swapping dishes and hosting new look harvest festivals. We’re not just growing in gardens, but in paint pots and milk cartons and anything else you can stick some soil in. Experience doesn’t matter. Neither does age, ability or whether you’ve done anything like this before. This is about coming together to grow, create, share ideas and misshaped veg.

This is Dandelion. A year for whoever, however and whenever because, this year, absolutely anything grows.