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UNTITLED STUDY I - Jocelyn Anne Rabbitts

Fragility of Flight III – Sea Wings

Fragility of Flight is an ongoing series of springtime exhibitions themed around birdlife in the Uists hopefully of specific interest to ornithological visitors. Previous exhibitions have included giant suspended origami installations and Keith MacIntyre’s bird mask videos and drawings.

The third exhibition in this series showcases local artist Jocelyn Anne Rabbitts’ exquisite studies.

I take as my initial inspiration found skeletons of birds washed up on Uist shores. I concentrate on drawing the minutiae of what I see before me – studied under magnification or with the naked eye. I try to express what I feel about the bones, sinews and feathers before me. What is left of the bird remains beautiful but a constant reminder to me of nature’s harsh realities. Jocelyn Anne Rabbitts

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