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Lote (intransitive, archaic) To lurk; lie hidden

Lote is the culmination of time spent exploring the themes of home and belonging, through the pathos of Grecian myths. Lote symbolises what a home is and can be, as well as addressing the reclamation of the body as home. In this work, Holly Moffat-Hardy uses her own experiences to acknowledge retained trauma in the body, and how one might be able to claim said space through the observation, abstraction, and creation of a mythic and divine self. She translates the feeling of disturbance/comfort, uncanny/nourishment, and captivity/autonomy into an experiential guide for those who choose to step through the door.

Holly Moffat-Hardy is a visual artist whose practice is deeply rooted in self/body as home, using the lens of her own experiences and ancient myths to focus on creating a mythic/divine self, through photography, sculpture, weaving, and poetry.

Please join us for the opening preview at 6 pm on Saturday 10th September. Holly will give a performance at 6.30 pm live in the gallery.

To mark the closing of LOTE, Holly will repeat the performance at 2 pm on Saturday 1st of October. Following the performance, there will be a conversation with Holly about the research and making processes that created LOTE.

LOTE is free and open to all from 10 am – 4 pm, Monday to Saturday, in Gallery 2 at Taigh Chearsabhagh.