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Film poster with a photo of an elderly smiling man, surrounded by bath bubbles, and film credits.

Much Ado About Dying

UistFilm Presents FILM FRIDAY – back at Carinish Hall! 

Much Ado About Dying is a hilarious new comedy from Simon Chambers, newly released in May 2024, having already won multiple awards internationally. Pay what you decide for a ticket and join us for after-screening discussion and refreshments.

Simon is shooting a film in India when his uncle David calls him with a message of doom: “I think I may be dying.” What the viewer doesn’t yet know is that David is a total drama queen, a former actor and Shakespeare-lover who has grown old on a diet of attention and applause. Simon finds his life drastically interrupted and everything that could go wrong does go wrong as he tries to help his uncle have a good death.

David’s anarchic spirit is unbreakable. He fights with Simon, refusing to go into a care home, insisting on dying in the squalor of his unheated tumble-down house. David’s real life starts to echo “King Lear”, the play about an old man going mad and giving his kingdom away, as David starts giving away thousands of pounds to the hot young “carer” who pops in from time to time. Despite the house burning down, a period of homelessness, cancer, and the dreaded ‘care home’, they create an award-winning final performance to send David on his way.

“…joyous clarity…bittersweet empathy…in this achingly funny-sad film” Variety

“Chambers’ family-filming-family masterpiece is a tender and often funny chronicle of a dying man who secretes his brilliant charisma…” Film Verdict

“The best kind of documentary. It will make you laugh and cry. It will also make you pause for thought.” Back Seat Mafia

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