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Image of planet Earth with one half represented as on fire with an orange glow and the other half with a blue glow, against a black background.


How does it feel to find oneself on a ‘burning platform’ with a pressing need for change but limited options? Pibroch, is a multimedia theatre production which explores parallels between the Climate Emergency and the Piper Alpha Disaster in 1988. Created by Aberdeenshire based writer and artist, John Bolland, this exciting new production uses words, live music and striking visual imagery to represent the personal and social experiences of Piper Alpha survivors and their relationship to the challenges each of us face in a warming world.

Co-directed by Mark Thomson, former Artistic Director at the Royal Lyceum in Edinburgh, Pibroch is crafted by an outstanding team of theatre professionals. John Bolland’s words are complemented by Fraser Fifield who provides live musical accompaniment to the performance.


“Intense” “Demanding” “Gripping” “Heavy” “Crafted” “Powerful” “Masterful”

“There was a mastery of the crafting which made it sing.”

“This show is saying ‘this is the conversation we need to be having’. It’s very personal. Just as it was getting too bleak you changed it at the flick of a switch.”

“Impressive how you weave between Piper Alpha and the global issue of environment.”

Hosted in partnership with Ceòlas.