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Two images of contoured layers in pieces of wood.


New works by Peter Rintoul

“Over the years I have expressed my art through a variety of media; acrylic paint, charcoal, clay, collage, oil paints, printing, watercolour and, more recently, wood. Initially I carved pieces of new wood but thought it might be interesting to explore the re-use of everyday materials as part of my art. I chose plywood and fence posts as they were both readily available. We had a supply of good quality plywood from when our house was built and when I approached local crofters who had been re-fencing they were happy to give me their old fence posts. 

It has been a joy to carve and expose the various layers of the plywood (one just does not know what is hidden in the unseen layers) and a pleasant surprise to explore the beautiful grained wood hidden beneath the dull weathered surface of plain ordinary fence posts. It has been a joy, which I hope you enjoy as well.”

Repurposing by Uist artist Peter Rintoul is our latest Cafe Gallery exhibition, free to view in the Taigh Chearsabhagh Cafe from 1st June – 27th July, Monday to Saturday.  If you would like to support our continued programming and enable us to keep offering free events, please consider making a donation to Taigh Chearsabhagh.

Image copyright: Peter Rintoul.