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Sandscapes is an exhibition of photographs from artist Elizabeth Rintoul.

Elizabeth moved to North Uist with her Scottish partner last autumn from Vancouver, Canada to live a less hectic life that allows time to be creative in this inspiring setting.

After receiving her BFA in Photography in San Francisco, Elizabeth became a dance photographer where her work was shown and published in the U.S. After returning home to Vancouver, Elizabeth’s focus changed to photographing wildlife, both natural and urban landscapes. Elizabeth continues to be inspired here on the Outer Hebrides, and especially on the coastlines with their beauty and ever-changing landscapes…her happy place.

The main focus of Elizabeth’s work now is capturing the mesmerizing sand patterns and the array of man-made objects that wash ashore and become a part of the landscape.

Elizabeth’s photographs will be on display in the café gallery, open 10 am till 4 pm, Monday to Saturday.