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Image by Xavi Bou of a flight trajectory of birds spiralling above a calm sea.

Slighean nan Eun

Slee-un nan ee-un: The paths of birds 

The photographs in this exhibition result from an artistic residency in Uist that Xavi Bou carried out between April 26 and May 3 2022, invited by Taigh Chearsabhagh Museum & Arts Centre, along with other images made during that same year in Scotland.

Join us in Taigh Chearsabhagh for the opening preview of Slighean nan Eun: The paths of birds, on Saturday 6th May at 3pm. Xavi will also be sharing more about his working methods for the Ornithographies in a special artist’s talk. All are warmly welcome.

Xavi Bou has been working on the Ornitografias project since 2015, which aims to make visible the trajectory of bird flight in a single image using a novel technique. This technique can be described as chronophotography, as it consists of merging a sequence of images into a single one, similar to the movement studies of the 19th century. Xavi’s particular technique requires him to film bird flights with a cine camera and then merge them in post-production.

During his stay in Scotland, Xavi was able to capture a variety of flights, from the dives of the gannets to the territorial flights of the lapwings or the noisy courtship flight of the snipe.

The minimalist landscapes of these islands fit perfectly with Xavi’s idea that the sky is the canvas and the birds draw upon it.

The exhibition is free and open to all from 10 am – 4 pm, Monday to Saturday, in Gallery 1 at Taigh Chearsabhagh.  If you would like to support our continued programming and enable us to keep offering free events, please consider making a donation to Taigh Chearsabhagh.

Image credit: Xavi Bou.