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Photo of concert stage with spotlights shining, against a dark backdrop.

The Last Dance

UistFilm presents, The Last Dance: Runrig’s Farewell Concert Film

On the 18th of August 2018, Runrig played out their final concert after 45 years in the music business, bringing to a conclusion a lifetime of song, celebration and performance.


The film has captured the emotion of the farewell concert, immortalising the legacy of the most successful Celtic rock band of all time, and celebrating the end of an era together with their fans. Runrig devotees from over 20 countries arrived in Stirling to sing and dance the night away. Every note and chord resonated in the hearts of everyone at the gig. Runrig signed off with an incredible acapella version of “Hearts Of Olden Glory”, rejoicing with their fans at the emotional ending of a remarkable 45-year career.

The film is the definitive Runrig experience and illustrates the importance of the band in Scottish culture and what it means to be a Runrig fan. The Last Dance is a concert to remain forever in the heart and minds of music-lovers around the world.

“There could have been no better artistic send off for a band like Runrig” Bluebird Reviews

“The crowd sang on long after Runrig had gone as fireworks burst above a darkened stage” The Times

“The performance encapsulates everything about the band, and what they mean to their fans as thousands chant and sing along, even as many cry freely on a night when emotion and celebration combine” Music Talkers

Screening in Carinish Hall on Saturday 1st June, book your tickets for The Last Dance below, using our Pay What You Decide ticket structure where you simply choose which ticket price you would like to pay during booking.  Doors open at 6.30pm for a 7pm start.

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Image copyright: Andrew King