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Four musicians are in a school sports hall for a performance. Juan Rodriguez plays the bassoon as the others look on.

Visual Virtuoso: Distant Melodies

Distant Melodies

Time traveller and borderless, music perdures as language and soul of humanity. Culturally speaking, it represents one’s cultural belonging at its most, connecting generations and creating communal identities. Music has accompanied human activity since remote times; it has travelled on its pockets around the world, serving as a tool to share someone else’s culture, making distances to look measurable in sounds and transforming shortsighted persons into daytime dreamers.

We, a woodwind trio, inspired in the versatility of 3 antagonic instruments, are bringing to you a potpourri of music from around the world.  Flute, Clarinet and Bassoon, instruments which have different timbres, colours, sizes and mechanisms, will constitute the basic elements to present music created distantly, same as ourselves.


Juan Rodriguez (bassoon)

Jennifer Moss (clarinet)

Sarah Canzonetta (flute)

The performance will also feature animations made by Cat Bruce from characters and backgrounds created by P7 pupils at Sgoil Uibhist a Tuath, Balivanich School, Iochdar School and Daliburgh School as part of Visual Virtuoso, a music and animation participatory project which is part of Puppet Animation Scotland’s Captivate programme.

Cat will be hosting an informal animator’s session earlier in the day in the UHI studios. This is an opportunity for students and professional artists to share their practice in a relaxed environment. You can find out more here.

Image Credit: Julia Fisher 



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