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Clò-bhualadairean na h-Alba


Tha mise, mar Cho-òrdanaiche + Teicneòlaiche Bùth-obrach a’ Chlò agus an t-Seòmair Dhorcha, a-nis nam bhall den Bhuidheann Stiùiridh aig a’ bhuidhinn ùir seo – CLÒ-BHUALADAIREAN NA H-ALBA.

’S e cothrom sgoinneil 2024 a tha seo do bhuill faighinn an sàs ann am fèis Clò-bhualadairean na h-Alba Sruighlea, a bhith nam buill agus ceangal a thogail le clò-bhualadairean eile a tha a’ fuireach no ag obair ann an Alba.

Tòisich a’ bhliadhna ùr le deagh rùn – faigh an lùib!

Tha iarrtasan a-nis fosgailte do chlò-bhualadairean a tha a’ fuireach agus ag obair ann an Alba airson gabhail pàirt ann am Fèis Clò-bhualaidh Chlo-bhualaidearan na h-Alba, aig Oilthigh Shruighlea air 16-18 Lùnastal 2024.

Tha cothrom an seo an obair agaibh a thaisbeanadh agus a reic, agus coinneachadh ri clò-bhualadairean bho air feadh Alba.  Ma tha sibh ag iarraidh foirm iarrtais agus tuilleadh fiosrachaidh, cuiribh postd gu printmakersofscotland@gmail.com no tadhalaibh air: www.printmakersofscotland.com 

Ceann-là airson iarrtasan: Là na Sàbaid 11 Gearran 2024 

Tuilleadh fiosrachaidh bho Chlò-bhualadairean na h-Alba:

Prizes and sponsors include Cass Art, Essdee, Hawthorn, Cranfield, JP Purcell, Ironbridge Printmakers, St Cuthberts Mill and the University of Stirling. 

  • Printmakers of Scotland is a not-for-profit collective of printmakers living and working in Scotland. We are establishing an annual Festival of Printmaking which will also provide printmakers with a unique opportunity to exhibit and sell their original hand-pulled prints.
  • The venue is the University of Stirling Pathfoot Building which provides a wonderful, specialist art space. It is centrally located in Scotland with excellent transport links. We aim to provide stands that have a minimum of approx. 7 m2 of hanging space. Printmakers will also be able to bring a browser / small table. The University of Stirling will provide catering facilities. On-site parking is available.
  • Entry requirements are that you live and work as a Printmaker in Scotland and produce hand-pulled prints (which are original and are not Giclee or reproduction prints). Your work must be created using recognised hand-pulled printmaking processes, e.g. relief, intaglio, screenprint. Only individual printmakers can apply.
  • Our Festival of Print is a fine art event and only original prints and greeting cards can be exhibited and sold. Printmakers will be able to bring a browser. The cost of a full-sized stand is £300 for Fri-Sun. Printmakers can also choose to apply for a shared stand for £150. The cost of running the Festival in 2024 will be approximately twice the cost of charges to artists. We will therefore also be asking all artists to donate a single-coloured, open edition that we will be able to use for fundraising. We are grateful to many printmakers who have already agreed to donate prints for fundraising purposes.
  • The selection panel will consist of members of the Printmakers of Scotland Steering Group and external professionals from the creative industries. The selection will be based on the assessment of the quality of work in applications. In addition, it will also seek to provide representation of different printmaking techniques to share with visitors. We will be looking for strong evidence of printmaking practice including a clear, well thought through and coherent approach. We are looking for quality, consistency and a professional approach to presentation across the work submitted.
  • We already have commitment to providing prizes for printmakers and visitors from Cass Art, Essdee, Hawthorn, JP Purcell Paper, Ironbridge Printmakers, St Cuthberts Mill, Cranfield and the University of Stirling.
  • Deadline for entries – midnight on Sunday 11th February 2024.