Comann Eachdraidh Uibhist a Tuath

North Uist Historical Society

Known as CEUT, this dynamic local history society was formed in October 1987 and has gradually built up a collection of objects, photographs and sound archives that reflect the social history of North Uist. Currently there is a committee of 12 that meet monthly at Taigh Chearsabhagh that are supported by a wider membership of over 300 people. CEUT are responsible for planning the heritage related exhibitions and events at Taigh Chearsabhagh including the annual main exhibition in the Museum and several temporary displays in Gallery 2 which is shared on rotation with the arts programme.


Box Bed Model

Box Bed Model

The primary collection of particular note held by CEUT comprises over 1000 artefacts illustrating the social domestic, economic, cultural and religious life of North Uist.

Its strengths lie mainly in the fields of domestic, social life, agriculture, fishing and the sea. The material belongs in date mainly to the 19th and 20th centuries.


Redburn House, Lochmaddy

Redburn House, Lochmaddy

CEUT also holds a wide-ranging photographic collection of over 3500 prints and transparencies, mainly copies of the originals. There is an Archive and Research room in Taigh Chearsabhagh where the majority of the photographs are held in albums that are available for the public to browse through at their leisure. New additions to the photographic collection are now digitally scanned and CEUT are keen to continue to build on the thematic strengths of this comprehensive visual record of island life.

Enquiries about all the CEUT Collections can be made by completing our contact form or by telephone to Taigh Chearsabhagh on 01870 603970.

Further Information

The Aims of Comann Eachdraidh Uibhist a Tuath are:

a) to promote in the interests of social welfare and education an active interest in the history, heritage and culture of the area of North Uist

b) to bring together all individuals and organisations which share such interests

c) to collect, identify and preserve documents, artefacts, photographs and other materials of historical value in the area for the benefit of the community

d) to organise and arrange exhibitions, displays, lectures and other events relating to the work of the society

e) to co-operate with universities, colleges, schools and other reputable agencies which have an interest in the work and aims of the society

f) to raise and hold funds towards the furtherance of the fore-going aims

g) to take all other lawful steps as shall be deemed necessary towards the fulfilment of the aims of the society

CEUT Office Bearers 2014:

Chrissie MacCuish Chairperson

John MacDonald Vice Chairperson

Christine Rintoul Secretary

Mary Stewart Treasurer

Norman MacLeod Press Secretary

Anne MacKillop Heritage Officer

All correspondence can be addressed through Taigh Chearsabhagh or [email protected]

Comann Eachdraidh Uibhist a Tuath

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CEUT Membership

If you are interested in supporting the heritage work and aims of CEUT, please download the CEUT membership form.