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Island Echoes

Island Echoes: Voices from North Uist. A series of conversations with North Uist residents in the Western Isles gathered together by Hamish McIlwraith, all in one place to catch a glimpse of Hebridean social times.

The texts are verbatim transcriptions edited lightly from Hamish’s recording to leave fluent narratives that retain the character of each interviewee, from Gaelic to English. Including conversational topics ranging from family history, gender identity, life events and the local superstitions. The link to work is provided below.

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Island Voices

Please follow the link below to read about the Island Voices Series, a two-part series covering a slice of Contemporary Hebridean Life and Work in 40 English and Gaelic videos presented for language learners. Including a focus on three particular aspects of Hebridean Life, the Outdoors, Generations and Enterprise.

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Other powerful, informative works and stories can also be found on Guthan nan Eilean website.

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