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Ani George – Hebridean Land vs Sea



Hebridean Land vs Sea by Ani George

Local cast wild red deer antler chess set with locally crafted board framed with wood from the Old Carinish Church.

The game of chess is a battle between two sides with the board representing the battlefield, each piece stands for a character or object.

The checkboard is made using pine and meranti wood. The “graffitied” frame is made using stripped-down wood from the Old Carinish Church. Names, initials and dates as early as 1928 can be seen if you have a good look. The mustard yellow paint that has not been stripped off reveals the filled shipworm holes showing the wood was upcycled from a boat or ship.

In this chess set, the battle is between the land and the sea, the characters are from Scottish Folklore, people, archaeological finds, and ancient artefacts, and the board is steeped in local history.

The brown pieces are carved with images representing the land.

The white pieces standing for the sea have been made using a natural earth paint I made using ground-up pottery from an archaeological site at Baleshare beach, which had been eroded onto the beach during a battle between the land and the sea.

I would like to acknowledge VACMA for their grant support on this project.



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Dimensions54 × 54 cm