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Isle of Skye Candle Company – Medium Tin Candle



All Isle of Skye candles are made of natural soy wax and are hand poured on the Isle of Skye, in the highlands of Scotland.

30 hours burn time.

Bohemian Rose – Created by adding a dash of amber to subtly complement the rich rose undertones, this scent is ideal for those romantic nights in.

Grapefruit & Neroli – The soft, citrus notes of pink grapefruit have long been used to uplift and soothe tired minds. Neroli is carefully blended into the mix to add a floral undertone, creating a revitalising and uplifting aroma.

Lemongrass – No additives, no man-made fragrances, just pure lemongrass distilled straight from the plant. After a long week, the aromatic properties of lemongrass are exactly what is required to re-energise your tired body.

Mango – Bringing the sweet scent of Summer all year round. Fruity and uplifting, our mango is bursting with flavour.


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