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Richard Bramble Basking Shark Mug



This limited edition mug (only 500 will be made with a special Marine Conservation Society back stamp on the bottom) is the first in a series celebrating iconic British marine species with Richard Bramble paintings. It features a Basking Shark along with ocean going seabirds, a hovering Arctic Tern and a diving Gannet. It also is decorated with fish and shellfish including less well known marine species such as the colourful male Cuckoo Wrasse and the rare Cushion Starfish, all of which the artist has encountered diving in British waters!

Richard says: “I have been luck enough to snorkel with Basking Sharks (Cetorhinus maximus) in the Outer Hebrides a number of times, and it is always a truly life affirming moment. These gentle giants which feed on plankton are truly majestic. They are the second largest living fish, after the whale shark and are found in all the world’s temperate oceans. Over exploitation has reduced their populations to the point where some have disappeared and others need protection. 50% of all profits from the sale of this mug will be donated to the Marine Conservation Society. Whilst snorkeling with them in the Sound of Monach this summer I managed some underwater filming.”

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Dimensions8 × 9 cm

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