17 March 2012, 2-4pm
Taigh Chearsabhagh Museum & Arts Centre, Studio 1
£15/£12 concs.

A Different Paradigm of Cinema – a workshop with Edge of Dreaming director Amy Hardie.
Saturday 17 March, 2-4pm, Studio 1. £15/£12 concs.

Cinema has become the storytelling of our time. Powerful images and sound compress time through editing. However, in one aspect cinematic story telling has lost power. Cinema is not live. It’s stories are no longer created by an individual in front of an audience.

Cinema is pixillations projected by light, and when the end credits roll, the audience is left alone. There is no storyteller left in the room. to engage with the audience’s response and own experiences that have been brought to mind through the film.

I set myself the task to develop the cinema experience. Instead of cinema-going as an essentially passive and private experience, I aim to bring back what has been lost as storytelling has become mechanized. I designed a workshop to offer the audience a profound engagement with the film, an interaction that is active and articulated and done in community

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