Film Friday – BOY HERO 001

13 April 2012, 7.30 for 8pm screening start
Taigh Chearsabhagh Museum & Arts Centre, Studio 1
£5/ £4 concs

Written and produced by Uist-based Beatrix Woods, Boy Hero 001 is a fascinating look at Soviet society.

For many years, the 12-year-old Pavlik Morozov was the heroic example of the Russian youth. According to the story, that assumed mythical proportions over the years, Pavlik reported his father to the secret police. Stalin wanted to instill communism in a new generation of children. Pavlik‘s story served as an important instrument in this process. He became the immortal hero of the ‘Russian Pioneers’, a scout association that put loyalty to the state above the family. Besides, under Stalin it became legal to anonymously report people. The simple farmer‘s son received the esteem of a political leader. Parks and schools were named after him and his picture figured in all textbooks. Only after the perestroika his heroic status was brought up for discussion. In BOY HERO 001 the Finnish director Pekka Lehto is looking for the boy behind the myth. He travelled to Pavlik‘s native village to unravel the tragedy of the Morozov family.


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