On Place, Ruins & Memory – The Wapping Project screening event

Friday 16 June 7pm
Taigh Chearsabhagh Museum & Arts Centre
Richard Wilson - Butterfly - 2003 image

Richard Wilson – Butterfly – 2003

For a very long time, The Wapping Project worked with a place central to its commissioning, the Wapping Hydraulic Power Station. All the works were in dialogue with the unique and powerful space in which they presented themselves to the world. As an audience, you had to take courage to step down into an often dark cellar-like space where the magic of the building and the artworks worked in synergy.

We were haunted by the rich texture of a rescued industrial ruin with visible marks of its past. We worked within it producing work that connected with it literally through hooks, bolts and brackets, as well as through concepts and metaphors. Eventually, we absorbed the building into ourselves and no longer needed its physicality to work in its spirit.

On Place, Ruins and Memory brings together a selection of works from The Wapping Project’s extensive archives, as well as two pieces by artists recently commissioned to produce new works that are currently in development. The programme includes works by Richard Wilson, Luca Silvestrini & Bettina Strickler, Shona Illingworth, Marta Michalowska and Mairead McClean.

Join the co-directors of The Wapping Project for an evening of screenings and a conversation about the history and future of this unique cultural organisation set up by the late theatre director Jules Wright outside mainstream arts funding structures.

Marta Michalowsks -Gdansk Shipyard_2008 image

Marta Michalowsks -Gdansk Shipyard_2008