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A image of a brown busy workshop featuring various different tools and assets. In the distance there is Steve Dilworth sitting in a chair in a blue boiler suit. On the top left there is white text that reads ‘Earthings.’ On the base right there is more text that reads ‘Steve Dilworth.’

Earthings – Steve Dilworth

An exhibtion of Steve Dilworth’s Sculptural work 1979 – 2004 and new temporary environmental artworks in North Uist.

“This exhibition has work from 1980 to the present. These works are special to me in that they are milestones in my development and I hope will explain my view that sculpture is far more than purely visual.

If a zinc and a copper plate are put in acid, electricity is produced, it is a simple battery. By choosing material and form, combining them, a stronger presence can be created which is greater than the sum of the parts. By unearthing feelings and memories from the subconscious and throwing these into the mix, objects can be created that connect and affect us all.

This is what I try to do.”

Steve Dilworth

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