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The Rise & Fall of Aerial Photography – James Gentles

An Illustrated Talk


An illustrated talk on the history, practice, and future of low-level aerial photography,

It’s not about drones. By going back to the 19th century we start with some of the pioneers and show how their spirit and creativity lives on.

Using their insight and today’s technological advances we look and speculate where aerial photography is going, by showing what people are doing on the cutting edge.

Includes illustrations and images from the Scottish Islands, including North Uist.

James Gentles is a keen photographer and frequent visitor to the islands of Scotland.

His experiments with new technologies and unusual techniques led him to set-up a business which offers remote control devices enabling creative photographers to get unusual angles by looking at photography differently. Notably he has taken aerial photographs from kites for over 20 years (before drones), and had been taking ground and aerial Virtual Reality images for over 15 years.

He has over 100 Virtual Reality images in the Getty Image Library, from hemispheres of clouds to aerial and immersive views of some of Scotland’s special places.

Free. All welcome. Donations for refreshments.