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‘untitled fragments in acid green’

Broad Reach is pleased to present the first exhibition by North Uist born artist Niall Macdonald in the Outer Hebrides.

Niall Macdonald’s presentation responds to the many layers of artefacts found at The Udal. This archaeological site has revealed traces of over 6000 years of human occupation from the mid-Neolithic to the early 1900s. Incomplete examples of metal work, misshapen lumps of spent iron-ore and other remains relating to the history of manufacturing at the site have inspired a series of 12 plaster relief sculptures that make use of raw fragments from the artist’s own studio production process.

As Macdonald undertakes his own studio ‘excavation’ considering overlooked shards of shattered plaster together with cast reproductions of quotidian objects. He asks how the discarded fragments of objects and materials that define our daily lives might speak as future artefacts.

This exhibition culminates the two year long curatorial residency of ATLAS Arts and is presented in tandem with an installation by artist Bobby Niven in our upstairs gallery.