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Print of a drawing of a mermaid

Bold Mythology

The foundations of our cultural and social worlds lie deep in the ancient past. They are influenced by things other than human: places, plants, animals, and ancient structures in the landscape. Patches of superstitions remain, along with folk tales of supernatural beings, faeries and ghosts. Legends, beliefs and other than human influences are woven in our collective sub consciousness.

Bold Mythology by Uist artist, Kathrhona Lawson, presents a series of screen prints based on Hebridean folklore, with accompanying descriptions of the characters and stories.

Kathrona Lawson:

“Island mythology is the inspiration for my artwork. I explore ancient connections, deconstructing them from textual descriptions then visually express these as threads from the past. My hope is that they stir a forgotten place in memories or perhaps inspire people to explore further. My mission is to create re-connections with our stories before they are lost. This small collection of prints is the beginning of my journey through the medium of silkscreen printing. I chose this technique in order to create vivid and bold contemporary interpretations of Hebridean folklore.”

Bold Mythology is free to view in the Taigh Chearsabhagh Cafe Gallery from 1st April – 30th May, Monday to Saturday.  If you would like to support our continued programming and enable us to keep offering free events, please consider making a donation to Taigh Chearsabhagh.

Image copyright: Kathrhona Lawson.