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Collection of photos of the Print Room equipment

From Unuseable to Unmissable

Episode 2: ‘Pimp that Space’

For all those desperate to get printing and developing photographs – the intensive clean and make-over of the Print and Darkroom spaces is underway! 

I have been busy and I believe you will all appreciate what has been happening – it is starting to take shape and won’t be long now…

I put together a small team of willing participants: Margaret, Norman, Charlie, John K, Keith D, Simon. 

Four photos of different shots of the moving team in the Print Room spaces, considering how to re-organise the equipment.

With some standing and ‘ummming’ – extra special thank you to Norman who reminded me of the fact that taking the heavy metal plate out would drop the rollers! – we moved the room around.

Three photos of shots of the moving team moving the prnt press.
A collection of photos showing the printing press in its former position and  in it's new position next to a white wall.

The printing press in the mezzanine has been moved to the other side of the room. In fact, all the furniture has been shifted – now you can move freely and access all the work areas comfortably. It will always be a small place – but the team agreed this now looks like it might be fun to work here!

I am waiting on some black paint to further ensure that the darkroom is DARK!

An opening event of the studio spaces is being planned – keep a look out for the info on the What’s On pages.

Images copyright: Nicola Neate, 2022